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Since 2003, the YMCA of Ukraine has considered it a priority to form an attitude to life as a value that must be carefully preserved. Experience shows that raising health awareness helps in choosing priorities and values ​​of life.

The essence of the prevention program at the YMCA is to teach young people to make successful choices and counteract the negative phenomena in their own lives.
The YMCA uses traditional and non-traditional, formal and informal methods of work.

The program includes:

holding social events dedicated to the World HIV / AIDS Day (December 1) and the Day of Remembrance of People Who Died of AIDS (the second Sunday in May);
holding social events dedicated to the Day of Mental Health (October 10); Youth Day and Health Day;
conducting charity races and bike rides;
interactive conversations and trainings on prevention of negative phenomena;
own example of leading a healthy lifestyle among peers.

Our volunteers also create theatrical performances on HIV / AIDS and drug addiction prevention, hold charity events, organize other social events and drawing competitions, participate in UN initiatives and more.

Join us and be with us!

- Find friends among the 64 million young people
- Become a leader in our programs
- Follow a healthy lifestyle
- Benefit the society
- Learn languages and travel around the world with us