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Y STYLE (Strong YMCA Leadership Education)


  • The 4-level training program for YMCA leaders in Ukraine is based on the experience of colleagues from the YWCA / YMCA of Sweden, where a similar leadership program, Helheten, operates.
  • The main goal is to offer young people a training program of growth, motivation for personal development, leadership and participation, so that the YMCA of Ukraine will continue to be able to implement socially important projects and be a place for harmonious youth development.
  • The program provides the opportunity to grow volunteers within the YMCA.
  • The main components of training: familiarity with the YMCA, personal development, leadership.
  • Feedback forms allow you to keep statistics and evaluate the results of the program in order to improve it.
  • Participation in the program is an additional advantage of the leader in the selection for national and international events of the YMCA.


All materials for Y STYLE are available online

Join us and be with us!

- Find friends among the 64 million young people
- Become a leader in our programs
- Follow a healthy lifestyle
- Benefit the society
- Learn languages and travel around the world with us