What is YMCA
YMCA is one of the biggest youth organizations in the world that was founded in London in 1844 by George Williams. At present, 64 million of young people are involved in 120 countries all around the world.
YMCA is one of the biggest youth organizations in the world.
YMCA exists in 120 countries
YMCA involves 64 millions of young people
YMCA Ukraine is a youth non-profit non-religious volunteer movement that unites young people for personal development, mutual aid and social service.
YMCA Ukraine has 25-year history and is a member of both YMCA Europe and an associate member of YMCA World Alliance. All YMCA volunteers are united by the mission and values of our organization.
Our mission is to create opportunities for harmonious spirit, mind and body development of youth for people of all ages, abilities, races and religions.
Main principles
Equal opportunities for everybody • Family environment • Diverse development • Inclusion • Environmental awareness • Spirituality • Healthy lifestyle • Human rights • Effectiveness
Values • love • care • respect • responsibility • honesty
How do we differ?
YMCA Ukraine – is a big family which is open to everybody. We don’t look for superheroes because we know that each of us is the one.
Core goals:
1. Harmonious physical, mindful and spiritual development of young people
2. Expand core Christian values as a base for any successful person
3. Teaching responsibility for the family and society
4. Access to intercultural communication

Leadership programs, social projects, sports, healthy living, creative programs, scouting and eco-projects, camps and festivals, spiritual development, international volunteer exchanges and many other interesting activities make YMCA Ukraine interesting for young people and useful for society.
- Find friends among the 64 million young people
- Become a leader in our programs
- Follow a healthy lifestyle
- Benefit the society
- Learn languages and travel around the world with us