Charity Projects

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Support to youth in crisis

It is essential to us that modern Ukrainian youth feels no discrimination against themselves.

Due to the crisis situation in Ukraine, priority has been given to working with internally displaced people, children and young people on the line of demarcation, those who fell into the uncontrolled Ukrainian government territory.

The photo exhibition “Pray For Peace” is an exhibition of works by participants from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Israel, China and Canada on the topic of peace.

The exhibition traveled through Ukrainian cities as well as Belarus, Denmark and Belgium.

Christmas nativity scenes and Christmas gifts from family members of the YMCA of Iceland.

Life skills training

In co-operation with UNICEF, SMC / SIDA YMCA Ukraine held trainings on mine safety, first aid and psychosocial support for children and youth. The result: manuals and educational-preventive game “Look under the feet!” recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for use in educational institutions.

The Path to Peace: The Answer to the Needs of Young People in Ukraine” within the YMCA Europe Program “Roots of Reconciliation”

The purpose of the project is to enable young leaders to create their own project for further integration into society.

The results of the project were:

Social clip “End station – the world”

Activities in a children’s tuberculosis dispensary

– Training “Carry the world from heart to heart”

– The Graffiti of Peace project

– “Games for Peace” project

“Do not Laugh at Me” campaign to teach students tolerance and mutual respect through music from folk musician Peter Yarrow,

Result: A booklet for bulling prevention and raising awareness among children and adults about the problem of bullying and its consequences. It includes inspirational music, techniques for social and emotional learning, video and professional training for teachers.


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