Camps and festivals YMCA

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YMCA Ukraine camps are:

– harmony of spirit, mind and body development of a child. Combination of these three components gives campers the opportunity to open up, try themselves in something new and understand better themselves and their desires. All this happens during training blocks, workshops, sports lessons, games and evening programs;

– families instead of “squads”. We want our camp to become the second home for each camper where they would like to return every summer;

– YMCA traditions and values, the only unchanging elements of our annual programs;

– confident and creative leaders instead of “counselors” who are specially trained on local/ national / international trainings and seminars;

– ESC and Peace Corps volunteers, who give give children the opportunity to learn something new about other cultures, as well as to communicate in foreign languages.


All-Ukrainian tent campParadise in the Carpathians” from YMCA Carpathians

Ranger camp” by YMCA Ukraine Scouts


Western Regional International Camp “You Are Not AloneYMCA Lutsk

Camp «Peace Camp» from YMCA Kyiv


“Peace Camp” by YMCA Kyiv in Boyarka

Camp “I Love Ukraine” by YMCA Zdolbuniv

Camp “Paradise in Carpathias” by YMCA Karpaty

Camp «Step into the Future» by YMCA Kremenchuk

Winter Entertainment Camp by YMCA Zdolbuniv

All-Ukrainian Program Festival Y-fest

Every summer members of our large family of YMCA Ukraine are gathered with foreign friends to celebrate one more year dedicated to youth development.

The Festival program includes creative workshops, quests, trainings, hiking trips, songs, dances and entertainment.

Everyone is invited to participate!

Y FEST 2004, Y FEST 2007Y  FEST 2011, Y FEST 2015, Y FEST 2016, Y FEST 2018, Y FEST 2019.

Join us and be with us!

- Find friends among the 64 million young people
- Become a leader in our programs
- Follow a healthy lifestyle
- Benefit the society
- Learn languages and travel around the world with us