Scouting and Ecology

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Scouting is a movement that supports young people in their mental, physical and spiritual development, with an emphasis on living in harmony with nature. It is the most widespread organization based on the concept of self-education which implies encouraging young people to learn by themselves.

YMCA Ukraine Scouting is:

  • living in the nature: interesting lessons and exciting hikes in the mountains, woods and rivers, tent camps, studying the nature and the traditions, responsibility and friendship;
  • practical lessons: a chance to pass through interesting and sometimes dangerous adventures, gain your own experience and useful skills;
  • work in small groups (patrols), that consist of 6-8 people, which makes the work in close cooperation even more productive;
  • personal growth: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual, development og your character;
  • support from the leaders which means equal cooperation and respect between patrol leaders and younger children;
  • scouting symbols: logo, badges, uniform.


Ecological projects and ecological awareness have become one of the key principles implemented in all YMCA activities. Carrying out of ecological social actions in priority in each local organization. We protect nature, the environment and our planet! Save the world!

Join us and be with us!

- Find friends among the 64 million young people
- Become a leader in our programs
- Follow a healthy lifestyle
- Benefit the society
- Learn languages and travel around the world with us