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Catch the traditional weekly digest about the work of local organizations of the YMCA Ukraine 
  • This week at the YMCA Boyarka hub, they held a master class on floristry and employment counseling, studied English, and also made hundreds of trench candles for our defenders. Darkness and cold do not scare our titan volunteers
  • The hub at the Volyn YMCA unyieldingly overcomes the darkness with light from incredible people: there, young people learn time management, engage in art therapy and practice English, and also gain skills for finding a job. Despite the lack of light and heat, the people of Volyn do not stop, but tirelessly create more opportunities for the youth of their city
  • Tireless bees from YMCA Zhytomyr held an unforgettable holiday for children “St. Nicholas. Traces of a miracle in our lives” in their own space of the Beehive-YMCA, and this week in Zhytomyr there was a caroling school meeting, a creative workshop and English classes. In Zhytomyr, they know that the best way to repel the enemy is to honor and develop the ancient traditions of the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian spirit cannot be stopped by darkness and cold!
  • The hub at the YMCA Zdolbuniv also bravely overcomes difficulties, the youth there received knowledge and life hacks about consumer rights from a qualified lawyer, and an experienced journalist shared the secrets of her profession, and, of course, the youth of Zdolbuniv are willing to speak English
  • Volunteers of the YMCA-Carpathians held a holiday for children on St. Nicholas Day, creating a real fairy tale for the little ones, there was laughter, an atmosphere of magic prevailed, and the children received their gifts. And in Verkhovyna, they continue to practice English at regular speaking clubs
  • Hub Ymca Kremenchuk no less bravely resists the darkness and continues the “SMM-specialist” course even despite the long-term lack of light and heating, and, of course, takes care of mental health.
  • Fenix ​​volleyball club from YMCA Poltava has returned to training, because a healthy body is a healthy spirit!
Find more about the activities of local organizations and their schedule of activities on their pages in social networks
We are proud of the courage of our volunteers and remember that light always defeats darkness! We will win!
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- Become a leader in our programs
- Follow a healthy lifestyle
- Benefit the society
- Learn languages and travel around the world with us