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YMCA Ukraine events 11-12 19

International Youth Exchange “Future of Europe – our common future. What we could do together” was held due to the grant support from the Erasmus+. Ukrainian team of 10 people from different local YMCAs came to Oberhof to participate in international seminar with their peers from Belarus, Germany, Romania, Russia and Slovak Republic. The participants learnt a lot of interesting information about the European Union and the opportunities for youth for their development. Such issues, as Climate change, digitalization, different problems EU faces at the moment were on agenda of this meeting.




31.10-14.11 Oberhof,


YMCA Kiev Peace Camp

Around 40 participants took part in the youth camp in Carpatians. How to resolve the conflicts and preserve peace was the theme, as well as games, team building, outdoor activities.

27.10-02.11 Carpathians,



YMCA Ukraine delegates Myroslava Romanovska, Bilyi Yurii, Ruslan Boichuk and Taia Zhernosiekova actively participated in the General Assembly of NMRU (National Youth Council of Ukraine). They took part participated in thought-provoking discussions and working groups on social guarantees, youth and culture, ecology, gender equality and other important topics for young people! The NMRU platform inspires and helps young people to be more active, socially responsible and make changes in the society.



02-03.11 Kiev

Working meeting of the managers of the joint Belarus/Sweden/Ukraine project.

In the framework of joiunt project, funded by Sida (Swedish international development agency) a meeting of Belarus and Ukrainian project managers was held in Belarus to discuss the work, done in 2019 and the plans for 2020. The achievements and challenges of the current project were on agenda, as well as the ideas of a new project application to Sida. Swedish coordinator of the project jouned the meeting on Skype.






02-05.11 Brest, Belarus

The YMCA Europe Supervising Committee of the Event # YMCA175, had held in London in August 2019, came together in Kluj, Romania, in 100 days after the Event to analise and evaluate this great Event and its impact on the YMCA Movement and the young people all over the world. A representative of the YMCA Ukraine, member of the YMCA Europe Executive Committee Marta Huretska was among the participants of this meeting as well.










16.11 Kluj, Romania

National General Secretaries Forum of the YMCA Europe.

In Romani a Forum of the European National YMCA General Secretaries took place. To exchange of the information, to discuss the common plans and challenges. On the photo (from the left to the right) – the NGSs of the YMCAs of Spain, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, Portugal, Russia, France, Finland, Netherlands, England and Wales, Romania, Iceland, Hungarian YMCA in Romania.











18-20.11 Kluj,


Meeting of the local presidents and key leaders took place in Kiev on the 23-24th of November!💥
On the agenda were the following issues:
📍the exchange of successful practices of 2019, namely: professional development of youth (YMCA Boyarka), creation of youth centre from scratch (YMCA Zhytomyr), social inclusion in programs (YMCA Kropyvnytskyi) and new educational programs at school (YMCA Ternopil)
📍– analysis of the implementation of the strategic plan 2016 – 2020
📍– new powerful method of work – gamification (facilitator – Svitlana Nasyrova)
📍– ideas and plans for 2020😃 




23-24.11 Kiev
Partnership meeting with LEB.


In Duderstadt, Germany, a partnership meeting on the development of cooperation between German NGO LEB, YMCA Belarus, YMCA Ukraine and Romanian vocational school “Impreuna” was held. The evaluation of the joint held activities, as well as the ideas and plans for future cooperation were on the agenda. The result was a few project ideas, drafted by the participants into project applications to German and Europena funding institutions.  

04-09.12 Germany
City actions, dedicated the International Volunteers Day, were held in many local YMCAs  with the  theme “16 days agains violence”7. For example, in Ternopil the Conference “Уouth against violence” was held. City state administrations of Zdolbuniv, Ternopil, Zhitomir presented Certificates of Recognition to the volunteers of the local YMCAs.



05.12 Local YMCAs events in:


Zdolbuniv, Ternopil, Zhitomir,


The first stage of the leadership course for young volunteers “Jorge” was held in YMCA Boyarka on 7-8 of December. The participants focused on the YMCA values and history, as well as on teambuilding tools. 07-08.12 Боярка
YMCA Ukraine General Secretary Viktor Serbulov took part in the evaluation/planning meetng of the key stakeholders of one of the major YMCA Europe Program “Roots for Reconciliation”, held in Brussels. Participants of the meeting visited European Parliament, met with the representative of the European Peoples Party – the biggest fraction in the Parliament, also with the European Youth Forum representatives. 08-12.12 Brussels
YMCA Zaporizhja, with support of the YMCA Ukraine National office, held different activities with vulnarable children, using the games as effective tool of psychological rehabilitation. 11.12 Zaporizhya


On the eve of a New Year and Christmas Holidays the YMCA Poltava volunteers organised for children different activities to make the handmade toys New Year decorations.


17.12 Poltava


“Christmas in the box” – the name of the charitable Christmas project, implemented by the volunteers of many local YMCAs all over Ukraine. The orphans and other vulnarable children were in the focus of this project.









Lcal YMCAs all over Ukraine
Charitable actions “Saint Nicolas has come…” – distribution of the gifts to children from orphanages. Besides Christmas gifts, children got fun playing with YMCA volunteers, learning different songs and dances.   December


Local YMCAs all over Ukraine
Saint Nicholas Day in Carpatians

YMCA Carpatians hosted around 200 children of vulnarable categories during December, arranging different activities








Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong visit to Ukraine

16 students – Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong volunteers cisited Ukraine for a week from 27 December 2019 till 3 January 2020. Besides sightseeing and celebrayion of the New Year, in their program were such activities, as: meetings and discussions on different issues with Ukrainian youth, workshops on Climate change, culture peculiarities of Ukraine and China / Hong Kong.


27.12.2019 – 03.01.2020 Kiev,





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