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The incredible evening of the women’s club “Visualization of Desires” began with meditation and aromatherapy. We all need a state of total relaxation. Oksana Yaremenko helped us professionally in this. Rhythmic breathing, inhaling incense, relaxing music created a calming effect and helped to get rid of negative thoughts.

Next, we moved on to the method of visualizing desires. You know that our thoughts can come true: the more we think about something, the more intensely the brain works on ways to realize it. And here Oksana Mikheeva gave instructions and helped to decorate her dreams. Each participant created her own wish list, in which she identified and portrayed her own wishes, her plans for 2022. This was incredible!

Світлина від YMCA Zdolbuniv.Світлина від YMCA Zdolbuniv.

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