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In the period from 24th – 31st of October YMCA Ternopil together with the Association of Youth Initiatives of Poland (Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Kulturalno – Młodzie˙zowych Art (Poland)), with the assistance of the National Office of YMCA Ukraine, successfully conducted the project “A Story Behind the Photography”. Project financed from the funds of the Polish-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council.

👫15 participants from Ukraine and 15 from the Polish city of Tarnow were able to establish cooperation remotely and received bright results in just 8 days working online. The main topics of the project were cultural heritage in Poland and Ukraine, positive Polish-Ukrainian relations, culture and art.

👩‍💻During the Zoom meetings, all participants tried to discover their artistic talents, where we both drew and sang, and felt like actors, directors, speakers. In the process of communication, we exchanged cultural tangible and intangible heritage, created a joint song and a short video film that demonstrates the close connection of our nations through the work of Juliusz Słowacki. Thanks to the materials collected in the museum named after Yu. Slovatsky, created in Ternopil Secondary School №4, we reminded each participant of the importance of preserving heritage and developing spiritual values😍

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