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The New Year’s gift for us was the training “I can do it!”, organized by YMCA Zaporizhia region together with social partners who took part in the action “16 days against violence” in Zaporozhia. Yes, for many of us, the New Year and Christmas holidays are also a time of summing up the annual results and achievements, and most importantly – an opportunity to effectively plan achievements in the New Year.

Training “I can do it!” not only is motivating, but provides a practical opportunity to develop your own flexible skills to use them effectively in your work. Training “I can do it!” became the first joint event within the international project “Back to active life: fighting Covid-19 challenges!” (“Let’s get back to active life: overcoming the consequences of Kovid-19!”) With the support of the YMCA Europe “Roots for Peace” Program – 2021 for the staff of the South-Eastern Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice (Dnipro) .

На зображенні може бути: 10 людей, люди стоять та у приміщенніНа зображенні може бути: 4 людини, люди сидять, люди стоять та у приміщенніНа зображенні може бути: 1 особа, стоїть та у приміщенні

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