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September Date Place
Online Board meeting

Board members, National Office and the President of YMCA Ukraine discussed the events that took place in the summer 2020 and the planned activities til the end of 2020.

The news about the opening of a new playground in Boyarka – a project coordinated by the National Office of the YMCA Ukraine, with the active participation and financial support of Rotary clubs from Canada and Kiev, was told.

Other topics that were discussed: the process of work on the strategic plan for 2021 – 2024, improving internal communication, social networks, creating a communication strategy.

YMCA of Ukraine joined the first meeting of the YMCA Europe “Organic Governance”. The importance of transparency in governance, the effective way of learning, support and gradual involvement of people in governance, youth participation, intergenerational relations, and partnership – all these topics were discussed. 11.09
WORLD CLEANYP DAY together with

Let’s do it, Ukraine

Every year in 180 countries people meet on one day to clean the planet and collect garbage. Few local YMCAs took part in the cleanup day gathering with volunteers.

A clean action “Clean Shores” took place in Zhytomyr for the third year in a row! 19.09 Zhytomyr
 A new project “School of Young

Entrepreneur BUSINESS ONLINE – 2020″ has been launched in the format of blended learning.

Yuriy Biliy and Alyona Gorbenko

presented a training program that will help to start and promote online business in today’s challenges. It helps you how to start and allocate a budget, how to determine the start date, build a sales funnel, and most importantly – where to find a team to implement your business plan.

23.09 Zaporizhzhia
A video about YMCA Ukraine was created for the representatives of NYC (National Youth Council of Ukraine), in which our international coordinator, Taya Zhernosiekova, informed about YMCA Ukraine priorities, programs, benefits for young people and future plans.

We also had a meeting with NYC in National office of YMCA Ukraine, during which we discussed our joint projects for the future, including – participation in the project Ukrainian-Danish Youth House in Kiev.

Moreover, there was a Zoom meeting with the representatives of the Danish Youth Council who invited YMCA Ukraine to be active participants in the above project.

24.09 Kyiv
The first stage of the Conference was held online!

In 3.5 productive hours we:

✔analyzed the results of 2020

✔got inspired by the best projects of local organizations

✔conducted 3 group discussions

✔discussed the activities of the union, current youth trends, the leadership program “Y-Style”, the sustainability of youth centers, online work

✔worked on the priorities of a new strategic plan

✔finally fulfilled our missing feeling about each other!

The second stage of the conference will tale place on the 28/11/2020 😊

Volunteers of YMCA Zhytomyr together with the Charitable Foundation “Volunteers without Borders” conduct English language classes for young people in the Y’space as a part of the English Speaking Club. They also hold creative art workshops every Monday. 26.09 Zhytomyr
YWCA Ukraine (Young Women’s Christian Association) conducted a training for young women “Women and Media”. The training covered the following topics: young women and their use of safe spaces and social networks; the impact of the media on women’s lives and their mental health; the positive and negative role of the media on mental health; online support groups; study of one’s personality, dignity, image, body. 27.09
YMCA Ukraine Field Group was held in online format.

Partners discussed overall development of the National Movement, impact of COVID, joint plans with YMCA Ukraine. YMCAs of Denmark, Sweden, Belarus, Canada, USA and YMCA Europe were engaged in dialogue and cooperation under great leadership of Jan Nissen.




On October 5, 2020, Tamara Kotz, the founder and the first president of YMCA Zhytomyr, passed away.

We remember her as sn inspired, dedicated person.Tamara Andriivna made a great contribution to the creation of YMCA Ukraine and Zhytomyr!

05.10 Zhytomyr

For the second time, our Ukrainians took part in an online camp organized by YMCA Colombia. Topics were dedicated to cultures from different continents: language, food, traditions, people!

The Ukrainian team held two sessions and told foreigners about our national Ukrainian music and dances and endangered species  listed in the Red Book of Ukraine 😍

A new film about YMCA Ukraine has been published!.

YMCA України – 25 років разом / YMCA Ukraine – 25 years together – YouTube

 This film is a historical recollection of people who stood at the origins of YMCA Ukraine, for whom the values of the organization became a part of their personal lives.You will learn about the international movement of YMCA in the world and the 25-year development of the organization in Ukraine.

Volunteers and leaders from YMCA Boyarka, Lutsk,Odessa, Shytomyr, Zdolbuniv, Kyiv attended a Zoom meeting with the YWCA / YMCA Sweden in the framework of their leadership program. During the meeting Ukrainians and Swedish introduced their countries, YMCA, main activities as well as shared the best practices of interactive activities we both use in our events. 10.10
It was a wonderful local exchange of YMCA Lutsk and YMCA Zdolbuniv.

Two local YMCAs had a training on the topic of mental health during the local exchange

11.10 Lutsk
The team of YMCA Europe “Leadership Academy: Global Leaders for Local Communities” project have organised the second pre-meeting for the participants of the course. Mariana Pronkevych (the President of YMCA Ternopil) and Dasha Mashchenko (the President of YMCA Poltava) are two participants, experienced leaders from YMCA Ukraine.

As the pandemic is influencing the schedule and the format greatly, it was decided to organise several support meetings so the young leaders know each other and can start thinking about their homework in order to have enough time to implement socially relevant mini-projects.
More about Leadership Academy

YMCA Lviv together with their partners created the opera-myth “Ukraine-Terra Incognita” dedicated to Vasyl Slipak, world-famous Ukrainian opera singer, soloist of the Paris National Opera, volunteer and participant in the Revolution of Dignity and the fighting in eastern Ukraine 14.10
Ukrainian team of eco-activists and volunteers participates in Youth-Led Solutions summit dedicated to the climate crisis

Within a month, our team will formulate a project idea with a solution on how to overcome the climate problem locally in the city and the community. We will be assisted by experts from the

World YMCA

After the summit, we will be implementing the project for 3-6 months!

YMCA Ukraine National Leadership training Y STYLE was held successfully in Boyarka near Kiev. Young volunteers have got knowledge and skills to inspire their peers to create positive changes in their local communities. After the training young trainers can and plan to conduct leadership trainings in their communities. 17-18.10 Boyarka
October 17-18 Yuriy Biliy, the president of YMCA Zaporizhzhia, represented the YMCA of Ukraine in the General Assembly of the National Youth Council of Ukraine, who are our valuable reliable partners!

Yuriy took part in the panel discussions on the potential of youth dialogue in Ukraine; position documents;also he made memoranda of cooperation of the YMCA Ukraine with other member organizations of the NYC.

17-18.10 Kyiv
Local news


-YMCA Zaporizhia region presented the School of Young Entrepreneur “Business Online 2020” at the national leadership training of the YMCA of Ukraine. Participants were able to raise awareness about starting their own business and effective business as a result of training, information consultations on social networks and on the website.
-Local volunteers took part in YMCA Ukraine leadership program Y STYLE, after which they reported and shared their knowledge in their local community.

– Course “Effective SMM” was created to give youngsters information about principles of work of SMM-specialists; to systematize their knowledge of the specifics of promotion on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube; to increase their digital iteracy.






YMCA Boyarka celebrated 5 years, congratulations! On their birthday volunteers, leaders and the president of YMCA Boyarka, Viktoria Trofimova, gathered for a small celebration during which remembered their successful moments! 22.10 Boyarka
YMCA Ternopil together with the Association of Youth Initiatives of Poland (Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Kulturalno – Młodzie˙zowych Art (Poland)), with the assistance of the National Office of YMCA Ukraine, successfully conducted the project “A Story Behind the Photography”

👫15 participants from Ukraine and 15 from the Polish city of Tarnow were able to establish cooperation remotely and received bright results in just 8 days working online. The main topics of the project were cultural heritage in Poland and Ukraine, positive Polish-Ukrainian relations, culture and art.

👩‍During the Zoom meetings, all participants tried to discover their artistic talents, where we both drew and sang, and felt like actors, directors, speakers. In the process of communication, we exchanged cultural tangible and intangible heritage, created a joint song and a short video film that demonstrates the close connection of our nations through the work of Juliusz Słowacki.

Every Thursday in YMCA Odessa there is a meeting of the Student Club for those who want to grow, find friends, change, create and feel!

Here are the warm words from a participant Christina:

“The YMCA for me is the second family where I was able to find something that has been missing for so many years.

The first time I came here, I was very scared and ashamed, but thanks to the wonderful guys, I quickly got used to it and joined the team. Now I can’t imagine my life without YMCA”.

Local news from Verkhovyna: Dumka Free Space

It is a free space for recreation and development, where we hold various events for all social groups, such as trainings, seminars, conferences, creative workshops, fine arts, spiritual conversations, English club, dance club, film screenings, discos, various events, festivals, themed leisure evenings, there are also fitness and yoga clubs.

The Dumka space is a platform for holding events for other organizations as well.

It also has its hostel where welcome YMCA members and other tourists.

28.10 Verhovyna
Laboratory of social projects

Recruitment for the “Laboratory of Social Projects” has started in Lviv!

The project offers you:

learn to turn ideas into projects

apply for international grants

form a team, effectively manage time and resources

learn the method of “Design thinking”

improve your managing and public speaking skills

October Lviv
YMCA of Zhytomyr announced the season of board games with soft skills open!

For whom: schoolchildren, students, working youth. Age 12-40

Where? Y’space

The first game on environmental issues “Community without garbage” together with the NGO “Lifestyle – Health” and the community “Eco-logical” was held.

October Zhytomyr




- Find friends among the 64 million young people
- Become a leader in our programs
- Follow a healthy lifestyle
- Benefit the society
- Learn languages and travel around the world with us